Mar 17, 2010

Goldstone report - pure anti-Israel bias

The above heading might seem a bit powerful but it will never be as powerful as this report - considered as Israel's first real response to the Goldstone Report. 

This 349 page report by The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center provides the main findings of a study which examined how the Goldstone Report dealt with the nature and activities of Hamas in the Gaza Strip before and during Operation Cast Lead. The  main  conclusion  of  this  study  is  that  there  is  an  enormous  discrepancy between  the  findings  of  the  Goldstone  Report  and  the  factual  findings,  and  an extreme    imbalance   tipped   against   Israel.

The Goldstone Report systematically  relies  on  selective,  biased  information,  in  many  cases  supplied  by Hamas  or  by  individuals  and/or  institutions  controlled  by  it.  The  Report  analyzes  the selective, biased information in a way clearly intended to reinforce the thesis that Israel deliberately targeted civilians.

This report contains lots of video footage and graphic images:

This study is based on a vast amount of intelligence information from the Israeli
intelligence community which was made accessible to the team of researchers. It also made
extensive use of Palestinian, Arab and international media, and of previous bulletins issued by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (which were used selectively by the
Goldstone Mission). In addition, the intelligence information was supported and
complemented by statements and investigations of IDF forces who fought on the ground.

The report is found here:

 The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center website:


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